About Us

“Every small purchase Makes a Big Difference.”


Concrete Craft is a product design studio started in 2020. We initially introduced a collection of concrete desk accessories that adds elegance to workspace and now we are exploring concrete for home decor. Each decor piece displays a minimal aesthetic with simple lines and a hint of texture.

We basically sculpt lifestyle products in concrete, an ordinary material always associated with architectural structure which is now being used to create decor objects. From raw texture to polished surfaces this versatile and durable material has been used on walls, floors, furniture, décor accessories and lighting, sometimes in the most unexpected of ways.

Instead of machine-made products that are perfectly identical, we focus on the uniqueness that handcrafting brings to each piece. Our products have their own distinctive texture and appearance. In fact, no two pieces coming out of our studio are identical.

Our well experienced team creates some of the most wonderful products from concrete, setting concrete free from its traditional image. We along with our team have devised and shaped different range of products such as clocks, ashtrays, tableware, Desk organizers,   candle holders, bath sets and planters. So, whether you desire to refurnish interiors for a quick makeover or follow the trends, including concrete items to your space can prove to be a game-changer. In personal space, one can include concrete décor items in kitchen, bathrooms, garden, bedroom, living room, dining table and all possible places you can think of. Even many modern offices have also started to include concrete décor items and ditching paint on the concrete walls to give an extra edge to space.

The durable nature of concrete allows infinite possibilities for rendering sculptural and tactile effect to a wide array of home décor pieces and by utilizing this feature we aim to launch an elegant collection of all home accessories in concrete décor soon.

We aim to stand strong on the philosophy – "The Future is Bespoke"

Design your Space In your Own Way