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How to elevate the look of your space with concrete home decor??

One of the underdogs in the decor industry is concrete decor which ranges from trays to organizers and planters. While there are many DIY concrete decor items available online, there is a special touch that artisanal home decor items bring. This concrete home decor can also be used in hotels, patio, offices, and outdoors.

 Concrete Tray

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There is a subtle charm that small home decor articles add to any space. You can pair them with any furniture or at any corner. They bring immediate brightness to that space. One of these concrete home decor articles is concrete trays. People with a rich taste in home decor are buying these articles and bringing goodness to their spaces. Here’s why and where these trays can be put to use!


Why Choose A Concrete Tray For Home Decor


  • They are available in various shades and shapes. While the color is usually kept to be original, you can always add beauty to it by layering them with colors. Why not start looking for an oval concrete tray?
  • They bring a pleasant aesthetic beauty to any piece of furniture. Put it on top of your coffee table and add some creative notepads to it.
  • As these trays are concrete, you can use them in almost all situations. Put it anywhere and it turns its use mode.
  • They are not just a piece of the aesthetic look, they have a utility attached. When you buy a concrete tray, you are buying both look and charm!
  • These kinds of home decor items are rare to find, classic to place, and are a hot topic for any guests who come over. It is a rare home decor find!
  • They can be placed both indoors and outdoors and look beautiful even in hotels and offices.
  • Handmade artisanal concrete trays have uniqueness to their beauty and can’t be duplicated.
  • These home decor products go with modern, contemporary, and even traditional decor. Hard to find!


Uses of Concrete Trays In Home Decor

  • Classic Trays

These concrete trays are usually used as a decorative concrete tray, organizing desk tray, a tray for jewelry, and bookshelf trays. Unlike simple trays, these are both robust and sturdy. You can get these trays in various shapes like squares, diamonds, triangles, and even oval trays. Have a look at our classic concrete tray collection.

Concrete Oval Tray

  • Ash Trays

These kinds of trays are best to keep in your smoking rooms in homes, or even in offices. Available in various designs, these trays are light and luxurious. Concrete ashtrays hold ash better and cannot be damaged easily which makes them ideal for use.

  • Coasters & Other Articles

While these products are not technically a tray, they are in a similar domain of concrete home decor items. If you are looking for coasters online, you should check out these rare to find, handcrafted concrete coasters. Other articles include pen stands, concrete mobile stands, and book trays.

Final Words

You may not find a lot of buzz around concrete home decor items, but anyone with an eye for artisanal products can easily fall in love with these home decor finds. If you too want to enrich your space with rare home decor items which are not only beautiful but also sturdy, you should choose some concrete home decor items.

Concrete trays for one are a beautiful find for anyone who loves to be organized and wants their space to be filled with elegance. Choose the piece that suits your space today!

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